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Why handcrafted chocolate is so popular today? Any hand-made product produced by proper technology and recipes has a distinctive taste and brings a lot of pleasure to both sophisticated gourmets and just dessert persons

What’s the difference between handcrafted and common chocolate? We keep the process precisely: we take the best varieties of aromatic cocoa beans and cane sugar, select them by hand, roast, crush… And then you can judge what we’ve made.

The best gift, souvenir, surprise or compliment… Our products is often presented as a fine gift or souvenir as you can enjoy its distinctive taste together with delicate esthetics, custom design and unique style

Premium chocolate

Our premium “bean to bar” chocolate range. Firstly, we process grown cocoa beans of Criollo and Trinitario varieties. They are pure aromatic and sum up as just 5-6% of the whole world cocoa beans volume. Secondly, we start from the beans and follow technology creating the pure two-component chocolate!!! Thirdly, we don’t cut costs on raw materials and prepare them professionally for production. That’s why we create CHOCOLATE which is really PREMIUM!!!

Dominican Republic Hispaniola

Dominican is a cocoa bean variety of bright and full flavor. The origin notes of orange, mango and prune turn mildly into spicy nut finish. This chocolate is a favorite one for many people.

Cuba Baracoa

We’ve been working with this cocoa bean variety from the very beginning, that is for almost five years. That speaks volume. The chocolate made of these cocoa beans is just great. Its flavor is full and bright with prune, almond and cinnamon notes reminiscent of tobacco leaves and plums. Have you already felt the finish? If not, I strongly recommend tasting it and try Cuba Baracoa

Venezuela Caranero

This variety is famous for its strong and complex character. You will feel cherry and apricot notes turning into coconut. And then the taste reveals with honey and tobacco leaves.

Peru Maranon

A particular highlight of us, true crown jewel of our chocolates. Why? Because this variety is famous for its unique distinctive flavor. No wonder, as these cocoa beans grow near the Marañón River called “the river giving birth to the Amazon”. Climate and relief specialties make this place unique. And the cocoa beans are unique with the reduced pigment content influencing their flavor and color. They are often called “white cocoa beans” and well-known among gourmets.

Madagascar Sambirano

Really delicate and tender variety. Chocolate of these cocoa beans shows distinctive flavor of slightly sour citrus and grapes with pine nuts and spices finish. You will for sure take unforgettable delight in it!!!

Handcrafted chocolate

Handcrafted chocolate range was created to meet numerous requirements of our clients. Aroma of the true chocolate is just too good in itself to be mixed with other flavors. So, it was decided to find cocoa beans producing clear chocolate flavor. This flavor can be “decorated”. Content is simple, as usual: cocoa beans, cane sugar and flavor ingredients (mint, raspberries, strawberries, salt etc.)

Handcrafted chocolate with apples and cinnamon

Handcrafted chocolate again, and again a new one: apple and cinnamon! Come to taste!

Handcrafted chocolate with strawberries

Chocolate with strawberries is next in line. Taste it and you are guaranteed with summer feeling and a great mood!

Handcrafted chocolate with mint

We keep pleasing you with taste tests of handcrafted chocolates. This time is mint chocolate. To be honest, it’s my favorite one. I’m fond of mint and chocolate combination!

Handcrafted chocolate with raspberries

Just try it. Nice sour raspberries combined with natural chocolate will be to many likings)

Handcrafted chocolate with black salt

We offer you to taste handcrafted chocolate with black salt. Have you never tried salty-sweet combination, we would highly recommend to taste it!

Handcrafted chocolate with pepper

And for the taste test finish – the chocolate with pepper!!! Addressed to all lovers of the hot)

Handcrafted chocolate with cocoa nibs

Many people just don’t know the taste of cocoa beans and while trying them wonder what those interesting crunchy nuts over the chocolate are! Try them as well! We are waiting for your opinion!

Handcrafted chocolate with almonds and Himalayan salt

Our handcrafted chocolate tasting is coming to the end! So, today we are trying really full and harmonic chocolate with almonds and Himalayan salt!

Flavored chocolate

About us

Chocolate is a treat winning taste and heart of any person. And if you don’t like chocolate… Well, you just haven’t tried the true chocolate made of elite cocoa bean varieties and cane sugar. You may ask if there is true chocolate without chemical additives, emulsifiers and soya lecithin? Of course, there is! At our place!

We make true chocolate by traditional recipes for you.
And what’s the matter of our chocolate? It is:

  • High-quality aromatic cocoa bean varieties
  • Cane sugar
  • Craftsmen’ expertise
  • Love to our consumers

With these points our chocolate gets its unique aroma, tender flavor, noble sour taste (this is a feature of live chocolate). And above all we make our chocolate useful.

While producing our chocolate we keep to the technology of the nineteenth century to get the true chocolate. We carefully select cocoa beans by hand, roast them delicately to keep their true taste, peel and put them into a stone melangeur where millstones rub beans and cane sugar into a mixture of natural high-quality chocolate. It’s critical that the whole process is under the control of a craftsman and no stage is automated as a professional man is more competent than a machine.

But we also consider all the current requirement in our production. We have GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity and a hygienic certificate.

Chocolate is not a simple food, it’s an art requiring very special approach. To become a real craftsman you need more than just remembering the procedure, you have to get the essence of chocolate and feel it. We can proudly claim that chocolate making is our vocation, we are passionate about it.

Place of birth is also important for the chocolate. Our chocolate has got the best of the Tambov nature: clearness of forests, gurgle of rivers, singing of birds.

And, of course, such a wonder can’t be produced wholesale. We don’t look for compromises between quality and quantity. We use only the best raw materials and we are sure about our quality.

We create the best chocolate, as we create it for you with love.

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